Materials for Outdoor Couches

Outdoor couches and furniture come in a variety of materials, which give it durability and sturdiness, something that is required for any furniture called on to battle the elements. They must also be lightweight and finally, they must look good and suit your own personal tastes.

Outdoor furniture is mainly made of plastic, metal, wicker, and wood. These four materials also provide a number of varieties that have their own different properties, uses, advantages and disadvantages.

Wood: A long lasting and hardy choice for those who like the ‘natural’ look, wood is a traditional material used for all kinds of furniture. Teak is the most used wood for furniture, but also popular are cedar, pine, oak and eucalyptus wood. Some wood makes for excellent outdoor furniture because it is excellent for resisting the weather. The material is also easy to maintain, though probably not a great option for humid areas.

Wicker: Wicker conjures up the image of garden furniture for most people, and is hugely popular all over the world. Made from materials like rattan, bamboo, and cane, wicker is lightweight, durable, and easy to clean. It creates a cozy and rustic look, which is very ideal for garden furniture. The cost is also less in comparison with metal and wooden furniture.

Metal: Metal furniture, both indoors and outdoors are becoming more and more popular. Usually made of aluminum or wrought iron, metal furniture provides a more classic and formal look. Easy to clean and maintain, metal furniture designs have a lot of versatility. However, outdoor couches made of metal generally requires cushions and covers, since metal is a good conductor of heat and cold. It also requires a lot of maintenance.

Plastic: As furniture material, plastic is probably the cheapest. Lightweight and portable, plastic furniture can be made from recycled plastic and resin. They can be designed and colored in a variety of different ways, and it does not take a lot of space or effort to store them. It is also very easy to clean and maintain. However, plastic furniture is generally not very durable.

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